MONTAGE Солнечные станции – от проектирования до строительства

Today our company is one of the largest integrators of technologies in the field of solar energy in Russia and CIS countries. Having many years of experience, our company offers a full range of services in the field of alternative energy: from the design of solar stations, to installation and maintenance of equipment.

In modern conditions, the presence of a photovoltaic power plant is an excellent opportunity to use the possibilities of alternative energy:

  •     Always have enough energy from an inexhaustible source
  •     Significantly reduce the company's energy consumption costs.
  •     Forget about the ever growing energy tariffs
  •     Take care of the planet's cleanliness and its safety for descendants.

Solar batteries for business and for home

The presence of its own power station for the production of alternative energy is an advantageous solution not only for business, but also for private use. Installation of solar panels can significantly reduce the cost of utilities and not depend on centralized networks.

Solar power plant can become

  •     The main source of energy
  •     A reserve energy source

You can evaluate the benefits of using alternative energy today. Contact your POWER MONTAGE representative using the form on the website or by phone. We will answer your question, perform the design of the power plant and perform the installation supervision of the equipment.

Минская обл., Республика Беларусь, дата реализации: 2013 г.
г. Могилев, Республика Беларусь, дата реализации: 01.2014 - 06.2014 г.;
г. Быхов, Республика Беларусь, дата реализации: 2015 г.
Могилевская обл., Республика Беларусь дата реализации: 2015 г. - строительство 2016 г.;
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